Tara Ann Photography

Tara Ann Photography

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Skeehan Family | Horsethief Canyon Park | San Dimas, CA

I have been blessed with RAD families in my life. Seriously this family rocks! They are so much fun and their two girls are the sweetest things. It was a blast capturing the special bond they have. Enjoy...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hailee | Curiosity & Joy

Meet my beautiful niece Hailee. Hailee has this mystery about her mixed with lots of curiosity and joy. I love that about her. I decided to do this photo shoot a bit different then what I normally do. Normally I follow the "photography rules" if you will. You know the rules of finding the perfect light, only shoot at certain parts of the day, get your settings JUST right, etc, etc. All of that was thrown out the window cause I wanted the world to see what happiness looks like. Happiness is sunshine beaming on your face and wind blowing through your hair. Happiness is being absolutely carefree without a care in the world. Happiness is watching your niece run through an almond orchard.